LA Crushers (Pty) Ltd became a fully-fledged HDSA company in 2001, when 51% of the company’s shares were purchased by the 100% Black empowerment company Extra Dimension 4.  In 2007 Extra Dimension 4 was bought out by Johnrock Investments (Pty) Ltd, also an HDSA company.  In 2011 the National Empowerment Fund assisted Pretamix (Pty) Ltd to acquire a 46% shareholding. Since then two further shareholding transactions, assisted by the Public Investment Corporation, have resulted in the current 87.08% Black shareholding.  Black female ownership stands at 34.83%.

Far from a politically expedient move, these acquisitions followed years of training historically-disadvantaged employees to move into positions of management.  A long term plan, this policy of succession planning and careful identification and development of talent has resulted in a healthy equity balance.

The Board of LA Crushers currently comprises 67% HDSA Directorship.  97% of the company’s staff complement are HDSA.  LA Crushers is a Level 2 contributor to BBBEE in 2018/2019, under the new codes.

LA Crushers is fully compliant with submission of its Employment Equity Plan, which is continually revised to ensure conformity with existing legislation.  The Workplace Skills Development Plan has been submitted to the Construction and Education SETA.  Individual development plans are drawn up for HDSA employees who have been identified as having the talent and drive to advance.  LA Crushers takes a long term and proactive view of training and development, and is fully conscious of the necessity to advance the historically disadvantaged in a progressive manner.

The LA Crushers professional ethos is backed by superb service delivery and outstanding achievement of safety, production and efficiency targets; coupled with a firm belief in the value of effective and comprehensive empowerment.