Foskor Pyroxenite Expansion



Foskor Pyroxenite Expansion Project (PEP)

Foskor are in the process of commissioning their South Pyroxenite pit which is located some 4kms from the main plant.  PEP Phase 1 consisted of a new primary crusher with an annual capacity of 20.4 million tons and a 3.3km overland conveyor.


LAC undertook the initial load & haul of some 3 million tons of material from Area 6/F9.


LAC was awarded and completed the contract for the crusher excavation, which entailed excavation of some 80,000m3 of material.  Thereafter LAC undertook some 49,000m3 of backfill around the crusher and constructed a starting rockfill platform of 122,000m3.  Construction of haul roads and various other smaller earthworks were also undertaken as sub-contractors for Murray & Roberts construction.


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Also at PEP, LAC worked with Bateman Engineering on the Foskor Extension 8 De-Bottlenecking project.  This involved bulk earthworks, some 40,000m3 of excavations and around 50,000m3 of platform construction for civils works.